Fishing rules Stjørdalsvassdraget
For the season 2021, the following fishing rules apply

• Before you can get an opportunity to start fishing, you must solve the "Stjørdalskortet".
• The fishing rules are limited to the anadromous part of the Stjørdalsvassdraget
• Fishing in the Stjørdals River, Forra and Sona is permitted from 1 June at. 00 a.m. to Aug. 31, 7 p.m. 24. 00
• Only fishing with lures, spins, wobblers, field and fly is allowed.
• The use of trout is only allowed in field fishing
• When fishing with a dip, it should float.
• When fishing with fly, the throw weight must be in the fly string or dip.
• Females over 3 kg are preserved in August and should be put back into the river.
• Field fishing is prohibited in August.
• Sea trout are protected and should be put back into the river.
• In Fersoset and Sonoset and 100 m downstream, from August 1, only fishing and fishing with
light fly gear.
• The fishing rules can be changed after the mid-season evaluation in mid-July or by
exceptional weather conditions.
Bag limit (daily allowance)
• The quota applies to the individual fisherman and cannot be transferred to others.
• Fish that are released are not counted in the quota.
• The daily quota is 1 salmon in June, July and August.
• There is a seasonal quota of 6 salmon, of which 3 salmon over 65 cm. (about 3 kg.)
• Once the quota has been caught, fishing must be completed until the new fishing day / season starts.
• All catches must be reported on the salmon stock within 24 hours of full name and relevance
information. (
• Exposed fish should be reported as S-large, M-medium, L-small to the salmon stock exchange.
• Grease-cut salmon should be reported to the salmon exchange.
• Farmed fish should be sacrificed and displayed on the salmon stock exchange, then the quota is not counted.
• Day cards are one day, otherwise 24 hours are changed.
• Shellfish samples of all dead fish must be provided.
Fighting fish diseases
• It is only allowed to fish with land that comes from the Stjørdalsvassdraget, or is
produced in plants approved by the Food Authority in Norway.
• Tools that have been used outside the watercourse must be disinfected before use.
Violation of the rules is punishable, cf. Act on salmon and inland fish. Violation can
bring a fee or possibly police report. Fishing cannot be resumed until a fee has been added
paid. Fee for violation of applicable fishing regulations is NOK. 3000, -.
In addition to fees, fishermen who are caught for violating the fishing rules may be expelled
the current and subsequent season from the Stjørdalselva river. The owner / landlord / card seller is obliged to
inform about the current regulations in the river, and to check whether the fisherman has resolved
Fishing fee and have valid disinfection certificate.

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